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What Is A Water Booster Pump And How Does It Work?

Posted by Admin on March, 30, 2021

The water booster pump helps to increase the pressure of the water while flowing out of the tap or shower. It mainly deals with the problem of low pressure and helps to pull the water with increased pressure.

Reasons for Low Pressure

It is noticeable at some times that the pump installed is not sufficient to pull the water. This can be due to several reasons.

1. Gravity- whenever the water has to be delivered at a high elevation Gravity generally slows down and lowers the pressure. To counter this force we have to add tensional force extra and that is what a water booster pump is capable of doing.

2. Distance from the Water Source- In case the water source is very far from the area to be delivered it always have to have high pressure and the sizes of the pipes also affects the pressure of the water.

3. Plumbing problems- In areas where the system of plumbing is screwed up low pressure can be a major problem in that area. To fix this the water booster pump has to be used.

4. Cities Having Low Pressure Water- In India there are several areas where water supply is not that abundant and the natural supply of water supply is very low. This results in the low pressure of water. In order to fix these water booster pumps are made compulsory by the Government of that locality.

Water Problems in Haryana

Statistics says that Chennai faces the most terrible water crisis. However, in recent times 76% of Haryana is also facing terrible problems. In Haryana the cultivable land requires water however due to decreasing in the groundwater level the pressure is gradually declining and water booster pumps are in more demand than any year.

If you are planning to install the Water booster pump in your house or for your nearby land then you should take the quotes from the nearby Water Booster Pump Supplier in Haryana.

Due too the terrible problem of water pressure that Haryana is facing every day the number of water booster manufacturers are coming to the forefront gradually.

Types Of Booster Pumps

There are several types of booster pumps that are available in the market:

1. Home Water booster Pumps- these are mainly products installed for domestic purposes. In areas where the pressure of water is very low. These home water boosters in areas of low pressure water are a must.

2. Booster pump with expansion tank- sometimes the water booster comes with an additional expansion tank. The booster pump is very powerful and sometimes it accelerates the forces and draws in more water and as a result, it stores all the excess water in the expansion tank and imparts the water as and when required.

End Note
The water booster is becoming necessary with the increased exploitation and pollution of water and hence there will be days when the water booster pump will be a necessity in the country. As a result, it is advisable to take the step earlier and act fast. It is always recommended to go for a water booster when required.

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