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Basics Of An Electrical Control Panel

Posted by Admin on August, 20, 2021

There are several types of electrical control panels available in the market space depends upon their operation. The electrical control panels are effective in controlling the different mechanical equipment in the organization or plant floor. Today these electrical control panels control all circuitry pieces, so with an ideal design, they could help increase productivity and bring long term gains on investments.

There are reputed Electrical Control Panel Supplier in India that offer customized services to their clients. There are a variety of electrical control panels in the market, and these have some attributes such as safety ratings, control power, the order of operation, power rating, and enclosure ratings. Listed below are the some of the basic components of the electrical control panel:

Power components

Circuit breakers

With the fluctuation in the current flow, the electrical power switch can turn off or on by itself. In the case of a short circuit, the circuit breaker will disrupt the movement of electricity to prevent the reset of the original circuits.


This component is ideal for the protection of equipment in the event of dangerous electrical conditions. The moment the electrical flow is high, the wire in the fuse blows up, thereby preventing the flow of electric current. The fuse can easily be repaired.

Motor starter

These devices are the amalgamation of different devices, that include circuit breakers, contractors, etc, and it is utilized for controlling the motor. With the use of a soft starter, the operation is simplified by raising the voltage high or low smoothly and reducing the chances of mechanical shocks.

Frequency drive

These electrical control panels are used for controlling the pace of the motor by changing the voltage. Although these are expensive these offer safety, better control, and constancy.

Control component

Control relay

A control relay is used to power the coil using a small electric current. These Control relays are used to power on/off larger loads such as contractors, actuators, etc.

Timing relays

These relays have inbuilt timers to control the device for the delay and also the coils are energized. The most important type of timing relay is the Repeat Cycle in which they are repeatedly set frequency when the coil is energized.

• Programmable Logic Controllers

Programming Logic Controllers are the most experienced form of control devices used within a plant and have features to be programmed and take over complete assembly lines. However, due to such characteristics, the price of the controllers may vary. Modern PLCs come with inbuilt communication features that provide them greater clarity and allow them to be a part of a SCADA system. Electrical Control Panel Supplier offers excellent controllers at affordable prices.

This electrical control panel is highly reliable and also saves the cost of the company. These are widely used in the industry to control and monitor system variables. Pressure and temperature are easily controlled using these electronic control panels. These are using advanced control techniques to control various complex problems. These tools offer a systematic approach to produce better quality results for the customer. However, Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer Haryana is offering excellent quality control panels to various industries due to its unique characteristics.

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